Zircon Glass Blue Pegasus Dice Set

Zircon Glass Blue Pegasus Dice Set

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A set of six 7 polyhedral dice. Made from Zircon Glass and laser engraved with numbers and the Pegasus symbols. 

*Zircon glass is synthetic* 

Dice dimensions: D20 24mm, D12 23mm, D10/% 26mm, D8 25mm, D6 15mm, D4 24mm
Weight: approx 70 grams per set 

A Pegasus is a prized mount and companion for many daring and brave adventurers who would try to tame them. Wild and free, Pegasus live to fly freely but those born into captivity become loyal and bond closely to their masters.

Disclaimer: Each of our dice are cut from gemstone and no single dice will look the same. Each die will have its own unique look. In addition, our dice photos are taken and edited in our studio and the colours seen may vary between images seen on phone or computer screens. These gemstone dice are 100% handmade from stone so you may notice some natural scratches on the edges or faces of the stones, slight variations in angles, or engravings may be slightly off centre. Every gemstone and cut will vary slightly in weight so we cannot guarantee dice balance. We recommend using these dice on only the most soft of surfaces if you plan to game with these dice, as stone can chip and break if dropped on hard surfaces.