FLAWED Scorpio Blue Sandstone Polyhedral Set 40% Off Retail Price!

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This dice set is a discounted/flawed dice set! There are flaws on these dice, which may include scratches, dents, cuts, off-centre engravings, misshaped numbers, chips, broken spots, or other obvious flaws.

All flawed dice purchased are a final sale! 

Regular Price: $140.00 CAD

Flawed Dice 40% Off Discount - Save $56.00 CAD! New Price - $84.00 CAD! 

Dice dimensions: D20 24mm, D12 23mm, D10/% 26mm, D8 25mm, D6 15mm, D4 24mm
Weight: approx 70 grams per set 
*raw gemstones are not included and are for display purposes only*

Dark blue is deep and mysterious to many, but for Scorpio it is similar to a strong intuition that others cannot comprehend. Blue Sandstone is used to provide spiritual healing and inner peace. It represents victory, glory, and success.