Hydra Sandalwood Single D20

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A single d20 dice made from Sandalwood. Machine pressed and shaped for accuracy. Each dice comes with a matching wood token (while supplies last). 

Limited stock remain! Once these are gone they are gone for good! 

Every dice will have their own appearance as wood grains vary from piece to piece. This means that not one single dice will share the exact same pattern. Different lines, markings, and shading in each individual dice will make each one unique. 

Size: 26mm widest point

Power, Destruction and Wrath

The Hydra is a creature of legend! Huge and powerful, this dragon-like creature is said to have multiple heads. If it loses one, two more emerge in its place! 

Sandalwood - Usually orange or reddish in hue, Sandalwood can have a variety of dark and deep colours. Its colour is truly powerful in appearance.