Gemstone D6

These are our Handmade pure Zodiac Gemstone dice. This collection contains various handcrafted gemstone dice that are laser engraved with Zodiac symbols. The first Zodiac part of this project was funded on Kickstater in 2019 and is now available on our website for retail. Click here to see the results of our Kickstarter campaign page.

We ran a third gemstone Kickstarter campaign that was also successfully funded and we are in the process of making our planet dice into a full d6 collection as well. These sets will be available for purchase on this website after we fulfill all of our backer's rewards. You can check out the results of our third campaign here.

All sales from the Discounted/Flawed Dice collection are absolutely final. All items are shipped through Canada Post. Domestic shipping (Canadian addresses) costs more for small packets as Canada Post is required to put tracking on them (and that means within Canada your items are more secure and arrive quickly).