Wood Dice

Our Pure Wood Family Banner Dice was successfully funded on Kickstarter on January 14 2020.  The original four dice are listed here along with two stretch goals that were also unlocked.

Then on June 8 2020 the second Kickstarter was successfully funded and we added four more dice to our collection. 

Our Pure Wood Family Banner Dice were only made in limited quantities. Now that we've shipped out all of our backer's pledge rewards we are offering the final wood d20 dice here on our web store, but once they are sold out they are gone for good! We will not be reproducing these wood dice once they're sold out. Every d20 will come with a matching free double-sided wood token, but will be available with each d20 wood dice while supply lasts.

You can see the First Kickstarter campaign result page here.
And the second campaign result page here.

All items are shipped through Canada Post. Domestic shipping (Canadian addresses) costs more for small packets as Canada Post is required to put tracking on them (and that means within Canada your items are more secure and arrive quickly).