Discounted/Flawed Dice

Here we have included all sorts of dice that we are offering at amazing discounts! The dice in this section include any of our handmade pure gemstone dice or resin dice that we feel have too many natural flaws or flaws produced in handcrafting to offer at full retail price.

The dice in this section have scratches, dents, fissures, chips, off centre numbers, engraving mishaps etc. that were caused in production. In the case of our gemstone dice, every piece is still crafted with the semi-precious gemstone material that you have all come to love. While we cannot describe in detail what sort of damage each individual dice may have when ordering, know and expect there to be flaws on them! 

All sales from the Discounted/Flawed Dice collection are absolutely final. All items are shipped through Canada Post. Domestic shipping (Canadian addresses) costs more for small packets as Canada Post is required to put tracking on them (and that means within Canada your items are more secure and arrive quickly).